A letter from my MP

After an encouraging meeting with my MP, Jeremy Corbyn, at the Science Is Vital lobby and after him signing the Science Is Vital Early Day Motion 767, he also chose to write to me as well – the day before the Comprehensive Spending Review.  What a lovely man indeed (though, honestly, I’m probably only feeling this way because he too agreed that science is vital).

For all of you who are interested, here’s what he wrote:

I just love the line that reads “….really hammered the message home to Government Ministers” because, for me, it reinforces my belief that the Science Is Vital campaign really did make a difference in the outcome for science funding in the CSR.  I’m also assuming that the one constituent he writes of having met with is me.

I never expected to receive this letter and I am so very grateful that Jeremy took the time to write this.  It just goes to show that our efforts writing to MPs are not always wasted gestures and should be taken with great seriousness in any quest to make our voices heard.  MPs are people too, with their own opinions on all proposals and this should always be kept in mind because if people like us never write to them, how will they ever know if the nation feels the same as they do?  By sitting back and watching proposals being introduced without kicking a fuss, we are effectively giving acceptance and will have less of a chance of successfully fighting them once they have been implemented.  The Science Is Vital campaign has proved everyday-people can make a difference.

3 Responses to “A letter from my MP”
  1. Jo Brodie says:

    Very nice! I’ve yet to hear anything at all from mine (Nick Raynsford, Greenwich & Woolwich) – not even an acknowledgement yet. Having said that he’s responded promptly and courteously to previous requests by letter, and one of his researchers rang me to arrange a chat about the #debill – but unfortunately by the time that had happened it had already been rushed through (I think he was in favour of it!). I do hope he doesn’t dislike science!

    I like “They Work For You” (theyworkforyou.com) ‘s notice on their pages along the lines that that MPs’ jobs aren’t easy and being polite when communicating with them is no bad thing 🙂

    • dellybean says:

      Thanks for your comment Jo. It does seem I have been very lucky with my MP having both received a letter and speaking with him at the lobby. It’s a real shame that some people have had no response whatsoever and it was really unfortunate that the timing of our lobby coincided with Vince Cable’s speech on the Browne Review so prevented some people from meeting their MP. It’s been great to see so many people not giving up trying to get hold of them though, like @tom_hartley.

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