Science Is Vital: CSR Impact

Oh yes, the Science Is Vital crew are back and we’re back because UK science needs your help again.

First of all, please let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped us with our campaign last year, which resulted in the freeze of government funding for UK science and research for the next four years.   This result was far better than I was expecting and I believe science is extremely fortunate with this outcome when compared to many other sectors. I know I’m very grateful.

So if science funding is signed, sealed and delivered for the next four years, why does it need our help again so soon?

That’s nice of you to ask.  Well, the pay freeze on science funding is far from a done-and-dusted job (loosely called a “freeze”, I must add, because the freeze does not account for inflation over these next four years and so science funding, in real terms, actually sees an almost 10% cut).  Yes, the Government’s comprehensive spending review in October last year detailed the budget allocation, but now it is Parliament’s turn to investigate the impact of this outcome.

Parliament have a number of committees that examine the goings-on in Government to check they’re doing what they said they would and report back with their findings.  With regards to the 2011/2012 – 2014/2015 science and research budget, Parliament’s Science and Technology Committee want to know how this is affecting the “wider scientific community” and have called for us to get in touch with them by Wednesday 27th April, to provide evidence that will help them with their investigations.

This is huge and it’s really important that we take this opportunity to respond.

Has the science and research budget freeze already affected or posed a future threat to you, your workplace or someone you know?

Job losses?

If the answer is yes, then the S&T Committee need to hear from you (or that someone you know) and it’s easy to do because we’re here to help.  We have updated our Science Is Vital website to provide you with all the information you will need to make your submission.  Everything you need to know, you can find it all here.  Your submission can be as long or as short as you like and each submission counts, so please don’t be put off writing to them.

As we’re deeply interested in your submissions also, we have our own “where are the cuts?” quickfire questionnaire (here) that will periodically update a map to show how science and research funding is affecting people across the UK, based on the information each of you provide.  Anyone will have access to this, at anytime.

We’d really appreciate it if you could help spread the word for us by sharing our blogposts and/or forwarding our website links.  If you use twitter, you can follow us at @ScienceIsVital and it would be really helpful for us if you could please remember to use the hashtags #ScienceIsVital and #CSRimpact in your tweets.

Your submission could make a difference to the future of not least the UK’s science but our future economy also. So please, let’s make our voices heard – we’ve done it before so we can do it again!!

Thank you.


Unity Is Strength

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