Geek Calendar for Libel Reform

Thursday 21st October saw the official launch party of the Geek Calendar and I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to join in with the celebrations not only with the Geek Calendar team, but some of the geeks featured in it.  For a full account of how the evening went please check out this blogpost.  This post is just a mini photo- and video-sharing blog of the evening.  I also want to tell all of you who haven’t bought it yet that it’s most definitely worth the money not only because you will be donating money for Libel Reform, but because you will love the stunning pictures inside!!  The calendar geeks are HOT!!!!

Now for some piccies:

Jenny, Tom, Heather, Eleanor, Stephen & Richard


Calendar Pics around the room

More Geek Pics on the wall

Jenny with a yummy cookie made by Wendy Staples (@quirkycookies)

Louise gives the opening speech explaining where the idea for Geek Calendar came from

Simon Singh was next up, showing his gratitude


Simon explained that he wasn’t the real geek in the calendar but his son, Hari, was.  He explained that Hari was sorry that he couldn’t make it to the launch party but he had recorded a video message for us all instead and here it is (sorry for my shoddy recording, however, I take no blame for Simon blocking the view for the first part):

Geeks out in force

Sile Lane from Sense About Science


Imran Khan and his geek pic

Simon signs his geek pic along with writing something I can't decipher (anyone know?)

Spirit of Play (who provided the theme tune to the Geek Calendar video) set to the stage

Now for the Geek Calendar itself:

14 Months, 20 Geeks


….and a sneaky peek inside:

Adam Rutherford is Mr January

If you want to know what the Geek Calendar is all about and to see who else is featured in it, you can find out here.  If you know all about it but want to find out more information about Libel Reform and want to sign the petition, you can do that here.

This calendar is brilliant.  If you don’t have one yet but would like to buy one (which I’m sure you do), you can do that by clicking here.

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