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Launching snow

Snow in the UK does not compare at all to snow in, say, France, New Zealand or Canada; but when it does come and actually sticks, the nation really does try to make the most of it. So, it snowed in London on Saturday 4th February.  By the time I was off to bed, it … Continue reading

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Ask For Evidence

I don’t know about you but when I’m seeking advice on something, I’m looking for someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about the subject that I need help with.  The criteria for the type of person I turn to normally stops at that, however, the quality of the advice can be jeopardised based on whether … Continue reading

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Before it’s too late.

The weekend just passed brought the news of great tragedy; the sickening horrendous massacre in Norway and the sad loss of yet another beautifully talented, young artist, Amy Winehouse aged just 27.  I want to take this opportunity to pay tribute to all lives lost in the massacre and my deepest condolences go to all … Continue reading

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Introducing: Micro To Tele

Please check out my brand new blog “Micro to tele” here: http://micro2tele.wordpress.com/ It is an additional blog, not a replacement for this one, where I will write only about health issues and astronomy.  I will continue to use my “and so I said….” blog to write about meetings, events, politics and any other personal thoughts … Continue reading

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Funding’s Too Tight To Mention

You may or may not have read the recent blogposts by Ed Yong, in which he lists and donates £3 to the authors in his top ten favourite blogposts of the month and provides PayPal buttons for his readers to do the same, if they wish.   This is all part of his “Science Writer … Continue reading

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Science Is Vital: CSR Impact

Oh yes, the Science Is Vital crew are back and we’re back because UK science needs your help again. First of all, please let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped us with our campaign last year, which resulted in the freeze of government funding for UK science and research for the next … Continue reading

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HPV Detection

Molecular techniques are changing the face of diagnostics, from identifying secondary tumour origins and gene expression levels right through to pre-natal and pre-implantation genetic testing.  Such techniques provide a much deeper understanding of disease processes, particularly cancer, allowing accurate differential diagnosis, bespoke surveillance and treatment strategies and also identification of reliable prognostic indicators.  Gynaecological cytology, … Continue reading

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Zoom Zoom Moon

I absolutely love photography and, for Christmas, I got a new 300mm zoom lens for my Nikon D5000.  I also have a new-found love in astronomy, so I’ve started to combine these two passions of mine. I’ve had this iPhone app for a while now and I was so excited to read on there that … Continue reading

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Eureka Live: Women In Science

  On the first Thursday of every month, The Times newspaper also includes the science magazine Eureka. In collaboration with The Wellcome Collection, The Times also hold Eureka Live events.  On 4th November I attended the event that celebrated the top 100 most important people in British science and having perused over the list, it … Continue reading

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Geek Calendar for Libel Reform

Thursday 21st October saw the official launch party of the Geek Calendar and I was lucky enough to receive an invitation to join in with the celebrations not only with the Geek Calendar team, but some of the geeks featured in it.  For a full account of how the evening went please check out this … Continue reading

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